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Neri Motori was founded in San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO-Italy) by Walter Neri, an entrepreneur who, starting off from just an artisan workshop, has been able to employ his enthusiasm and skills to make the company the successful business it is today.


From the workshop, the Neri business moves to a proper factory and consolidates its position in the electric motor market.


Neri Motori starts sales in Europe and other foreign countries.


The opening and establishment of the new factory is celebrated, a new phase of industrial development is embarked upon with an even more comprehensive range of products.

1997 - 2002

Neri Motori increases its production and turnover.
It becomes a successful player on European and international markets.

2002 - 2014

Growth and extraordinary development continue to follow on thanks to continuous investment into resources, research, development and technology.

2016 - 2017

A new hub is launched that doubles the space available to the company. New automatic computerised storage now mean that more stock is available and orders can be processed more quickly.
As well as the automated warehouse, the new premises house the reception, a meeting/conference room, new administration offices, research and development and a solar energy system is installed to make a tangible contribution to energy saving.

By virtue of an effective logistical and production strategy, with the accent on lean production, and a new commercial and communication approach, Neri Motori now launches itself competently towards new markets with the ability to design motors in joint synergy with the customer.

2018 - 2022 

Neri Motori continues to record constant growth and development over time. Thanks to investments in logistics and production efficiency, as well as to new commercial and communication strategies, the company today is projected towards new markets with an evolved approach by designing increasingly efficient motors using modern technological systems, always working in close synergy with customers. In the mechanical processing department, the fleet of machines has been completed and is ready to ensure a high level of flexibility in deliveries, even of special products. In addition, the investment in a new Microsoft ERP Business Central IT system will guarantee customers appropriate support in the management of all processes, thus responding to every need.

The future

Neri Motori, always attentive to all aspects related to environmental protection, is strongly committed to the development of a sustainable future through the transition to a circular economy. Our production process is powered by clean energy, generated by means of photovoltaic systems. This is a tangible sign, aimed at reducing the company’s environmental impact, to ensure a better future.