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NM with You


Since 2016, Neri Motori has particularly focused on the wellbeing of its employees, since it feels that investing in people and growing their motivation and participation levels is essential to ensure a successful future for the entire company.

The “NM with You” project has this objective: to encourage wellbeing at the company by facilitating relationships and encouraging a lifestyle based on physical, social and personal wellbeing.

The project initially included a listening space for workers run by professionals, but subsequently new shared ideas have broadened its initiatives and involved increasing numbers of people.

Now more than ever, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about a healthy diet and lifestyle: an initial series of meetings run by a personal trainer addressed physical wellbeing, exploring the potential consequences of incorrect posture alongside teaching some practical exercises aimed at improving fitness.

Meetings have also been held with a nutritionist giving pointers on how to maintain a healthy diet. Eating simple, natural food is essential to prevent illness and relieve disorders that, over time, can become more serious and turn into pathologies.

Finally, for the social and personal wellbeing of employees, a series of meetings with a psychotherapist will give advice on dealing with emotional issues, depression and anxiety.

Raising awareness and sharing knowledge: these are the key areas where Neri Motori aims to support its employees as part of NM with you.