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R&D contract co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

R&D of new families of IE4 and IE5 high-efficiency synchronous motors and high-reliability multi-phase asynchronous motors

Project description

The project involved creating highly energy-efficient and highly reliable industrial electric motors through total innovation in design and production methodologies. There is a divergence on the market between the current state of the art in high efficiency and the actual applicability of these technologies to the eco-compatible sector and to existing industry.


The main objective is to obtain consistent product innovation by making 3 new ranges of industrial electric motors in both IE4 and IE5 efficiency classes, powered by inverter or directly by “Line start PM”, and able to guarantee continuity of service when a malfunction occurs.


A new range of internal permanent magnet motors powered by inverter has been developed. It covers a power range up to 5.5 kW. This range of motors features motor efficiency equivalent to IE4 standard, enabling both better driver control and higher performance when made with the same material.


Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund