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Code of Ethics

Neri Motori has decided to sign up to principles of legality and prevention of offences in a bid to protect its employees and the company as a whole.

The opportunity to pursue this goal was taken by adopting the “Organisation, Management and Control Model” pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

By adopting this Model, which also includes the Code of Ethics, Neri Motori is announcing its intention to create the conditions necessary for complying with procedures, responsibilities, activation of controls, and training for all its employees by setting up a Monitoring Body to prevent offences and improper behaviour. As such, the company intends to focus on transparency in the way it operates, on proper relationships with third parties and on a safe workplace.

To that end, a Supervisory Body has been set up to ensure the Model is enforced. It is made up of three professionals, experts in economic, organisational and work safety matters.

Training staff in compliance with the rules the company has decided to implement is a fundamental aspect that the company sees as a priority and in which it intends to invest.

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