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IPM 80C V400

Brushless synchronous motors

Energy efficiency, reliability and high performance in a single product.

The PM IE4 motor makes it possible to obtain a return on the initial investment after few months from its start-up, as electricity consumption decreases compared to an IE1 motor.
In addition to having these real economic savings, the use of IE4 motors increases the reliability and performance of the entire system.


  IPM 80C 1,5-3,0kW 400V IE4
MOTOR IC411 (self-ventilated) 1,5 kW 3,0 kW
Description Symbol Units of measure Nominal Speed
1500 RPM 3000 RPM
Frequency f [Hz] 75 150
Number of Poles 2p   6 6
Maximum No-load speed n_max [RPM] 2500 4700
Constant voltage Ke [V_rms/KRPM] 189,5 94,5
Constant torque Kt [Nm/A_rms] 2,98 1,49
Rated torque Cnom [Nm] 9,6 9,6
Rated current Inom [A_rms] 3,2 6,4
Efficiency η [%] 88,2 89,1
Maximum torque Cmax [Nm] 12,7 12,7
Maximum torque current Imax [A_rms] 4,3 9,0
Minimum switching requency f_switch [kHz] 4 4
Phase resistance @T_amb Rs [Ω] 6,3 1,5
Direct axis inductance Ld [mH] 33,5 7,5
Quadrature axis inductance Lq [mH] 47,4 12,7
Magnetic flux ϕe [mWb] 0,47 0,23
Motor weight P [kg] 10,9
Room temperature T_amb [°C] -15 ÷ 40
IP degree of protection IP   55
Insulation class     F
Overtemperature Dt [°C] 26 40
Type of service     S1



Operating torque curve 1,5kW - 1500 RPM


Operating power curve 1,5kW - 1500 RPM



Operating torque curve 3,0kW - 3000 RPM


Operating power curve 3,0kW - 3000 RPM